Cruisin’ 57, 1975

Toby Ross’s gander at the bitchin’ 1950’s, a time when boyish manhood was innocent, yet rampant, and everyone was fuckin’ like bunnies with large cocks – in a light-hearted sex comedy that’s been called the Gay American Graffiti.

A finger-snapping soundtrack (with a bit of narration) captures music of the time while sex takes place and the cast hang around a car hop and elsewhere. A pair of friends sit on the sofa looking at record albums and end up getting naked for oral sex and fucking, with highlights on one of the youth’s hung basket. Later, a lecture on Greek society leads to public sex in the classroom: a student gropes the large cock of his buddy through a hole in his jeans and ends up blowing his big, veiny, foreskinned cock as the lecture continues (“Greeks believed in unity of body and mind…”). Two athletic junior mechanics slip out of their greasy overalls and tty a dozen difficult positions in and out of their car — including cock-sucking on the hood, dirty talk during the action, mouth-pumping and wild, messy cum shots.

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