The Diary

A beautiful youth tells his most intimate secrets as he writes his diary while his crushes get revealed one by one. We get to understand that although he is extremely attractive and has all the attributes one would wishes for, our protagonist is riddled with melancholy as he looks for a lover. This is a film that has NEVER been out on DVD, since a fire destroyed all masters and tapes (Circa 1995) .Scene 1 has our main character (Jake) show off a massive dick before coming and letting us peek into his diary. His first crush is a Norwegian blond, hung young and innocent. They do it all, oral, anal, kissing, coming. Then there was a legal assistant and his bud at work, the assistant with his massive tool gives the “bud” a complete workout. In the gym two guys are the next treat. A scene filled with passion as one helps the other perform a workout that is a hot and erotic one. Finally the main crush gets revealed, a blond with a big dick (Richard Senix) This is starting off being slightly reserved and distant and ends up as an erotic explosion.

Comes with its own documentary¬† about “the making of” by Toby Ross

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