The Last Surfer

Tells the story ABOUT a group of close friends and their escapades on their last week before shipping to fight the war in Vietnam. We get a nostalgic look back mixed with the erotic juvenile play. It starts with the enigmatic Jake Scott feeling the love for his beach as he stands naked on the rocks showing off a hot bod and hard dick. He gets off and leads us to a class in which the class nerd who is hung like a horse goes off to the bathroom as one student, who is trying NOT to be obvious, follows him, as he has done before. Then we get the going away pool party as one of the group’s more popular members is shipped off to Viet Nam, his closest friend who never had a sexual relationship with another male decides to give him a going away present, himself. Next: Our protagonist, Clinton follows his mother’s advice and comes on to the school’s most popular jock, they go to the top of the mountain and the jock’s super thick cock gets serviced by Clinton. We find out what happened to all the characters after the war ended, an ending that is for some sad and for others happy but for you it will be a sweet and melancholic look in to our not too distant past.

Comes with its own documentary¬† about “the making of” by Toby Ross

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