Twins 1976

The O’Briens are two extremely boyish-looking Marines who, amidst their karate session, grope and fondle one another past passion’s flash point in a reprise of their activity, from Toby Ross’s Duplicated. They explode into a flurry of kissing and sucking as the camera caresses their satiny white skin. The intensity builds: one brother slips his fat mushroom-capped cock into his brother’s accommodating sheath with a rhythmic virtuosity that shimmers. After cumming, he re-enters his brother and pounds him until he cums, too.

Tim and Chris Christy, with their ocean-washed brown hair, live in Venice Beach and typify the freedom and openness there. They stroke their lean boards facing each other, showering the camera with their man-froth. Tim mounts Chris and rides him doggie, missionary and sidesaddle styles. Tim pulls out and rims Chris until he, too, has peaked.

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