Principal of Lust 1996

Principal of Lust‘s Lex Kyler stars as an art teacher of sorts, who fantasizes about plugging away at some of his favorite students. Great idea for a flick that, unfortunately, is never fully realized. Kyler introduces his students, who don’t do anything more than engage in some solo stuff, which ranges from spirited and wild, to lackluster and disinterested. The highlight is an orgy blowout sequence, which takes place (supposedly) on some remote Ancient Greek isle. The highlight here for me though, is Rusty Samuels (seen here on the cover). With his redhead looks, supertight swimmer’s build, cut abs, strong legs and incredibly superthick fattie surrounded by a nice bush, he makes the flick. Actually, quite a few of the guys here sport oversized dongs, but Rusty takes the cake.

Stop! in the Name of Sex 1995

We will not mince with words, this is probably ONE OF THE BEST SEX ORGY FILMS EVER FILMED. Lots of big dicked GINGER MEN and boys, tops and bottoms suck and fuck as they change partners in a police garage, you get super fat cocks, hot insertions, not one linp dick, everybody is hard throughout this sex saga, you get self sucking with big long dick, instatioable cocksuckers and horny oral tops.

Sexy Billy Blue 1989

A young married man lost in a bad marriage is dumped by his wife and takes the plunge leaving for Las Vegas and goes on to have the blast of a life time. We get the luxury boat with a 12 guys orgy, we get the hot LV transiet in dumpy hotel rooms letting it go with nothing to lose, we get Alex Forrest who Billy finally settles down with, we get a bi scene in a Jaccuzi and we get lots of casual hard nude men who parade by like a sex train to heaven. This is the highest bugeted fim of the bunch and it shows.

Mr. Wonderful 1986

A young man from Kansas looks for that perfect someone in the 9-to- 5 world of Manhattan in this film about an erotic alter ego from director Toby Ross. Tom Law, nicely built with a big gorgeous dick plays the hero, a computer operator by day, a photographer of nude models by night.”Oh, how I love Mr. Wonderful!” — Studflix.

“Director Ross does a great job of exploiting this Clark Kentish fantasy material. What could be sexier than seeing a nerd-at-first-sight unexpectedly transformed into the hunk dreams are made of?” — Adult Video News.

“…Oral action in a black seamless limbo is a spit-maven’s dream come true.” — Manshots.
“Ross does a fine job of conveying a wistful mood and of capturing the streets of New York.” — Adult Video News.

Tough Guys Do Dance 1980

This film is really four short subjects, each with a well-developed story. Strong on atmosphere, this unusually bold and imaginative movie contains suspense, seduction, and horniness. InPhone Call From a Stranger,a young man in a tuxedo (Lon Flexx) is seen cruising dark alleys when a nearby pay phone rings. He answers it and a mysterious voice instructs him to come to an apartment across the street.
Love Bug tells the story of a man who bugs his straight neighbor’s house in an effort to share vicariously in the man’s lovemaking to his wife. In Bi Me a Drink, Sharon Kane and Tom Ruckerpick up Rod Garetto in a gay bar and take him home. Both wallow in oral pleasure over Rod’s big, stiff cock, and Rod, like the stud they hoped he’d be, fucks both of them vigorouslyThe Cure is truly bizarre, among the strangest pieces of gay erotica ever committed to film. A young man sexually obsessed with women is sent to a therapist. The therapist hypnotizes the man, dresses in women’s stockings, and he then seduces him. Adult Video News has high praise for Tough Guys Do Dance, noting that it works as “art as well as fantasy.” This film was awarded four stars, the highest rating ever given to any gay adult film.

Classmates 1985

This a film was produced in the vein of the Schoolmates Series. It stars David Ashfield as a lazy but horny collgestudent who is in lust with his teacher,the school jock and a variety of young men who are just to eager to grasp that giant dick and cop a feel. It has a remarkable scene in which David Ashfield manipulates his teacher to spend the night, pretending he is to tired to go home and manages to excite the teacher in a slow and sensous way. He pretends to fall asleep as his thick manhood slips out of the stripe pajamas and he is sure his teacher gets a look…from then on it goes into an oral anal scene that will live you breathless