Straight Boys Gay boys 3 – Going Under Cover

The third installment of the series is comprised of 6 shorts. In “Love Me Even If You Don’t,” a hot muscular gay farm boy (Bryan Wilde) who has spent years entertaining straight boys is realizes that what he really needs is something else. He zeroes in on a blond fair skin neighbor Mike Austin and his large appendage to quench his thirst.He offers to pay Mike’s rent for a whole two months if that stud can pretend to be his lover for one day only (not just sex the whole emotional “husband” Enchilada.) The soft-core erotic session that follows includes a hammock milking session, camping in a tent and much more. The second short features Shawn Lane and Brenden Black finding themselves in a photo session…totally turned on. The scene is purely magical as the 18-year-old Brenden drools over Shawn’s massive endowment, trying to pull himself together and remain profess

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