“Hidden Worlds” The Toby Ross Erotica/Film total collection

“Hidden Worlds” The Toby Ross Erotica/Film total collection 20 DVDs

“Paper Dreams” (our newest release)

“Bowser Makes a Movie

The Darkotica ™ (Dark Erotica) Series, (“Payton Collins Serial Rapist”, “Like a Moth to a Flame”,Live for Sex, Die for Love” + “The Light at the End of the Tunnel”, a Documentary about Fear and Sexual Obsessions),

“The Straight Boys, Gay Boys Collection” Which Includes SBGB Vol 1, 2 and 3 + “The Straight Gay Ying Yang”,

“Moon Over Hong Kong”,

“Electric Youth Massage 2”,

“Father Knows”,

“Justin-a Gift from the Gods”

“Get a Life”

“Rock N Roll Dreams”

“Calendar Boy”


“Toby Ross And The 70s”


This Unique Collection Explores Worlds no one knows exist, worlds in which, Suspense, Desperation, Shame and Loneliness turn in an aphrodisiac for a Lost Life. On the Lighter Side, The Gay Boys straight Boys Collection explores that Special Relationship between Gay and Straights in a humorous and very fun way (Hysterical is More Like it). A Perfect Collection to watch on a rainy Winter Night (For that unfortunate Occasion we Recommend “Payton Collins Serial Rapist”. Lock your Door First.)

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