To me this one here is the ultimate, reminds one of the trashy hustlers that roamed San Francisco years back.gingerman9



The Darkotica Series

The Darkotica Series (Dark Erotica) includes

1. Live For Sex Die For Love

2. Like a Moth to a Flame

3. Payton Collins Serial Rapist

4. The Night at the End of the Tunnel (A documentary about the connection between fear and sex)


Straight Boys Gay Boys: And The Games They Play

Straight Boys Gay Boys tells 5 short hot and original stories focusing on erotic mind games that cute and smart gay boys play in order to seduce slightly dumb but very hot and horny straight boys. This Ying Yang relationship is as old as the hills and has never been told in a more entertaining and original way. Casting real straights who are open minded and love to be seduced. Super hung hot dudes.

Five erotic shorts featuring some very delectable guys make this one extremely hot soft-core title! Starting with a bang we get a delicious treat with a horny straight boy looking for a chick online. What he gets instead is a gay boy/straight girl combo whose goal is to get him all turned on and dying for release so he won’t care that it is the gay boy blowing him; all the while the straight stud is hard and stroking his manmeat. The other shorts include a gay boy who takes advantage of a local straight stud in need of money; an ex-marine willing to try getting a blowjob from a guy; a steamy plumber who likes to please himself in the shower; and finally a solo sequence with an incredibly cute guy, his hard cock and his adorable feet. Each section has lots of body worship and the guys are hard almost the entire time.

The overall theme is gorgeous straight boys and the gay boys that want to fuck them. With an enormous amount of skin, lots of cock, tons of hardons, and a yummy cast of young men, this new erotica title from director Toby Ross will inspire growth in your pants and put a smile on your face.

Strraight Boys Gay Boys 2

Straight Boys Gay Boys 2 – I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Rarely has a sequence of shorts been hot, sexy and funny at the same time. This criss-crossing, carnal bridge between straight and gay is where it all happens. This is a small, fun ride for your fantasies to come alive told in six well-scripted, fully developed stories.

“Straight Boys, Gay Boys 2 really pushes new boundaries in gay entertainment! Fantasies are witnessed and fulfilled in these erotic short stories. The interesting thing about these films, is that they are not pornography, although there is lots of full frontal nudity and tons sensuality.” – Review from


Straight Boys Gay boys 3 – Going Under Cover

The third installment of the series is comprised of 6 shorts. In “Love Me Even If You Don’t,” a hot muscular gay farm boy (Bryan Wilde) who has spent years entertaining straight boys is realizes that what he really needs is something else. He zeroes in on a blond fair skin neighbor Mike Austin and his large appendage to quench his thirst.He offers to pay Mike’s rent for a whole two months if that stud can pretend to be his lover for one day only (not just sex the whole emotional “husband” Enchilada.) The soft-core erotic session that follows includes a hammock milking session, camping in a tent and much more. The second short features Shawn Lane and Brenden Black finding themselves in a photo session…totally turned on. The scene is purely magical as the 18-year-old Brenden drools over Shawn’s massive endowment, trying to pull himself together and remain profess


The Straight Boys Gay Boys Collection

This collection includes:

Straight Boys Gay Boys 1 – The Game They Play
Straight Boys Gay Boys 2 – I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
Straight Boys Gay Boys 3 – Going Undercover
The Straight Gay Ying Yang – A documentary with additional new scenes


Calendar Boy

12 young men posing for a calendar shoot, full nudity.


Rock N Roll Dreams

This 1995 film has been re-edited from the original footage and re-mastered. As the story goes: A lonely pretty boy (Patrick Pinney played by Tommy Strasser) is all alone on Christmas eve on his first day away from home as he gets ready for his Freshman year in College. Hr gets tipsy on a few drinks and summons up the ghost of Rock legend Gene Vincent, together they spend a romantic sensual evening together as the rock legend makes the lonely boy feel like a million bucks, an evening we can all only dream of. School year finally starts and the teacher on modern social studies tells the class about his days in Berkeley when free love was king and Patrick starts imaging the summer of love and that dorm room his teacher describes with the debaucheries that would be unthinkable today. Times change, and this is what this movie is a bout. There in class he meets a guitar player on his way to an audition with a producer who our boy has no problem imaging it was the infamous Phil Specter as we travel back to this eccentric’s office in his hey day circa 1966. Finally Patrick and Adam make love in a beautifully lit scene to celebrate their feelings for each other. We get erotic music videos, hysterical spoofs of famous people, romance hot young guys and Full hard frontal nude scene in this poignant tale that will make you swoon. Surprisingly romantic in a hot way. This Disk includes an extra chapter with the auditions and another one with trailers.


Electric Youth Massage 2

This DVD includes Electric Youth Massage 1 .

Here is a review from Amazon that sums it all up.
WOW!!!!!! Gene Shallots wrote on 03/13/2004: This DVD is probably the FINEST erotica ever produced in the USA. It is not like the Prowler or Bel-Ami erotica, but it is the best domestic DVD for this genre (soft-core). The levels of anticipation the viewer is drawn into are mesmerizing. There is NOTHING left to the imagination as far as the nudity (oh, SOOO hard). The “incidental” contact throughout each scene serves to build the level of eroticism to the highest I have ever seen captured. You will find yourself wondering, “Why did they cut that? Why can’t we see a little bit more of the naughtiness?” This merely adds to the eroticism though, as the point is for you to use your imagination. If a DVD could be worn out, I was well on my way to wearing this one out. (Twink/Kink scene, and Young Professional were my favorites, but there is not a single dud scene in the film) –tlavideo_users reviewcombo