Rock N Roll Dreams

This 1995 film has been re-edited from the original footage and re-mastered. As the story goes: A lonely pretty boy (Patrick Pinney played by Tommy Strasser) is all alone on Christmas eve on his first day away from home as he gets ready for his Freshman year in College. Hr gets tipsy on a few drinks and summons up the ghost of Rock legend Gene Vincent, together they spend a romantic sensual evening together as the rock legend makes the lonely boy feel like a million bucks, an evening we can all only dream of. School year finally starts and the teacher on modern social studies tells the class about his days in Berkeley when free love was king and Patrick starts imaging the summer of love and that dorm room his teacher describes with the debaucheries that would be unthinkable today. Times change, and this is what this movie is a bout. There in class he meets a guitar player on his way to an audition with a producer who our boy has no problem imaging it was the infamous Phil Specter as we travel back to this eccentric’s office in his hey day circa 1966. Finally Patrick and Adam make love in a beautifully lit scene to celebrate their feelings for each other. We get erotic music videos, hysterical spoofs of famous people, romance hot young guys and Full hard frontal nude scene in this poignant tale that will make you swoon. Surprisingly romantic in a hot way. This Disk includes an extra chapter with the auditions and another one with trailers.

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