Straight Boys Gay Boys: And The Games They Play

Straight Boys Gay Boys tells 5 short hot and original stories focusing on erotic mind games that cute and smart gay boys play in order to seduce slightly dumb but very hot and horny straight boys. This Ying Yang relationship is as old as the hills and has never been told in a more entertaining and original way. Casting real straights who are open minded and love to be seduced. Super hung hot dudes.

Five erotic shorts featuring some very delectable guys make this one extremely hot soft-core title! Starting with a bang we get a delicious treat with a horny straight boy looking for a chick online. What he gets instead is a gay boy/straight girl combo whose goal is to get him all turned on and dying for release so he won’t care that it is the gay boy blowing him; all the while the straight stud is hard and stroking his manmeat. The other shorts include a gay boy who takes advantage of a local straight stud in need of money; an ex-marine willing to try getting a blowjob from a guy; a steamy plumber who likes to please himself in the shower; and finally a solo sequence with an incredibly cute guy, his hard cock and his adorable feet. Each section has lots of body worship and the guys are hard almost the entire time.

The overall theme is gorgeous straight boys and the gay boys that want to fuck them. With an enormous amount of skin, lots of cock, tons of hardons, and a yummy cast of young men, this new erotica title from director Toby Ross will inspire growth in your pants and put a smile on your face.

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