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While shipping rates have skyrocketed we tried to stay low and reasonable.
ALL our DVDs are shipped by Priority Mail. We found out that in many instances there is very little difference between Regular Mail and Priority Mail, especially for the international client who might sit somewhere far away and does not really want to wait too long, so priority mail speeds up the whole process mainly for the Canadian and overseas but for the US clients as well. Someone who lives in Canada asked me lately, why does a package to Canada cost as much as the ones who go to, say, to Australia or Europe. Canada, when it comes to postal rates is considered another country and although it is in the Americas (I know it shouldn’t be calculated that way, but it is) it enjoys a small discount but otherwise its like mailing a package to say, Germany. Very small difference.

We calculated our cost by weight, but here on this table we will translate the weight to the number of DVDs the rate corresponds  which will give you a clearer understanding.

A few things to remember – when you order 1 DVD or 3 it costs the same to ship, since it goes into a Priority Mail Small Box and 3 is all it holds. Same with 4-6 DVDs , 7 or 10 same cost. etc.

So here is the shipping table per DVD ordered

Domestic (All Priority Mail)
1- 3    DVDs          $7
3-6    DVDs          $15
7-10  DVDs          $20
The 70s classic collection           $20.00
The 80s classic collection           $10.00
BDF XXX collection                      $20.00
26 DVDs and up                              $25.00

Overseas and Canada (priority)
1-3    DVDs                                             $29

4-10 DVDs                                             $35
11 DVDs and up                                   $60

So my point : If you order 1 DVD or 3 it costs the same price to ship since they go into a USPS priority box. Same with the others listed above.

OK let’s go shopping