Once in a Blue Moon

In 1989 I was given an unlimited budget to produce and direct a video that stands alone in a cliche’ ridden industry.”Give me something that nobody else has” were the parting lines of the mogul who backed up this project. So I hired a professional TV crew, wrote a detailed script that was composed of 4 well developed shorts and flew a notorious producer from the east coast to help me with this complicated project. A few months later “Once in a Blue Moon” was born. Here is a fun and detailed description of the four shorts.

Soldier of fortune –  loosely based on the U2-Gary Powers incident in 1962, where a US spy plane was shot over Russia with the pilot ejecting and falling into the Komi’s hands. Being subjected to torture and interrogation this segment is a comical fun spoof at this
historical (and hysterical) moment in the cold war episode.

Better sooner than later – Two office mates part ways with one being transferred to a distant land but not before confining about his attraction to his friends leading to a hot session in the working place.

Jerome goes to Hell ” A corrupt politician dies. (modeled after Ronald Reagan and we found a great look alike). Standing above him are an angel (Pipi Chess) and God (J. Market). God tellinng Jerome he was so “nasty and awful” that he’s going to Hell for his sins. In purgatory Jerome is introduced to several of the men he destroyed, : a homeless person (Tom White) . promising athlete who didn’t make it to the Olympics because he was gay, Robert Mapplethorpe the infamous photographer, Boy with arms akimbo and more, this becomes a vengeful orgy making Jerome pay and pay and pay through the nose. (actually ass)

Once in a Blue Moon – The title sequence and my personal favorite -Dean Pike (who was a teacher in Venture where I met him)  plays an inmate in jail who has corresponded with someone outside for three years,and on the eve of his release form the Big House thinks about meeting his pen-pal (Jim Montana). Montana stands in front of San Quentin in the cold, blustery weather until Pike is set free and the two immediately drive off in Jim’s car. The car breaks down; the two have sex. The sex starts slow and erotic and crescendos into a volcano. The script for that segment alone took days to write and you will love it.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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