Guns Of Bdf

The Guns of BDF

This is more of a new movie than just another simple compilation. It’s perfect for an evening alone… just you and your big cocktail. Brett Collins plays a research scientist at BDF trying to analyze and dwell on the mystery of the big dick phenomenon. Can you tell a big dick on a guy without seeing him naked? What does one feel when he encounters one? It’s like an accident on a highway, you know you shouldn’t stare… but you just can’t take your eyes off it. With the biggest dick in BDF arsenal to illustrate his point, Brett is nothing less than wonderful as he makes some BDF classics seem brand new.

The footage included is from Schoolmates 3 and 5, Young Sex Icons, Young Flashers, Bubble Gum Memories, Young Directors 2, Hung Twinks on Wheels, Young Bazookas and the 1995 classic Rock & Roll Dreams.”