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Thediary 72dpi

The Diary

A beautiful youth tells his most intimate secrets as he writes his diary while his crushes get revealed one by one. We get to understand that although he is extremely attractive and has all the attributes one would wishes for, our protagonist is riddled with melancholy as he looks for a lover. This is a film that has NEVER been out on DVD, since a fire destroyed all masters and tapes (Circa 1995) .Scene 1 has our main character (Jake) show off a massive dick before coming and letting us peek into his diary. His first crush is a Norwegian blond, hung young and innocent. They do it all, oral, anal, kissing, coming. Then there was a legal assistant and his bud at work, the assistant with his massive tool gives the “bud” a complete workout. In the gym two guys are the next treat. A scene filled with passion as one helps the other perform a workout that is a hot and erotic one. Finally the main crush gets revealed, a blond with a big dick (Richard Senix) This is starting off being slightly reserved and distant and ends up as an erotic explosion.

Comes with its own documentary¬† about “the making of” by Toby Ross

The Last Surfer

The Last Surfer

Tells the story ABOUT a group of close friends and their escapades on their last week before shipping to fight the war in Vietnam. We get a nostalgic look back mixed with the erotic juvenile play. It starts with the enigmatic Jake Scott feeling the love for his beach as he stands naked on the rocks showing off a hot bod and hard dick. He gets off and leads us to a class in which the class nerd who is hung like a horse goes off to the bathroom as one student, who is trying NOT to be obvious, follows him, as he has done before. Then we get the going away pool party as one of the group’s more popular members is shipped off to Viet Nam, his closest friend who never had a sexual relationship with another male decides to give him a going away present, himself. Next: Our protagonist, Clinton follows his mother’s advice and comes on to the school’s most popular jock, they go to the top of the mountain and the jock’s super thick cock gets serviced by Clinton. We find out what happened to all the characters after the war ended, an ending that is for some sad and for others happy but for you it will be a sweet and melancholic look in to our not too distant past.

Comes with its own documentary¬† about “the making of” by Toby Ross


Twins 1976

The O’Briens are two extremely boyish-looking Marines who, amidst their karate session, grope and fondle one another past passion’s flash point in a reprise of their activity, from Toby Ross’s Duplicated. They explode into a flurry of kissing and sucking as the camera caresses their satiny white skin. The intensity builds: one brother slips his fat mushroom-capped cock into his brother’s accommodating sheath with a rhythmic virtuosity that shimmers. After cumming, he re-enters his brother and pounds him until he cums, too.

Tim and Chris Christy, with their ocean-washed brown hair, live in Venice Beach and typify the freedom and openness there. They stroke their lean boards facing each other, showering the camera with their man-froth. Tim mounts Chris and rides him doggie, missionary and sidesaddle styles. Tim pulls out and rims Chris until he, too, has peaked.

Reflections Of Youth

Reflections of Youth 1974

Loosely framed by the meeting and subsequent conversations of a blond (Davey Williams) and a brunet (Ron Perry) who regale each other with sexual secrets about their friends. Gym teacher Big Bill Eld yanks his massive hose in front of his students; two men suck cock and assholes 69-style; a “straight” dude gets his dick mouthed by a man for the first time; ass-pumping pile-driving on a naturally lit sofa; and a pair who start in the shower and end up on in a wet-floored sauna.

Do Me Evil

Do Me Evil

A level of gut realism, from actors with uncommonly large endowments, examines incest, hustling, suicide, mental abuse, aging and poverty in this classic, best-selling film. Brother Glenn mouths Mike’s cock and asshole in the opening flick, and this leads to fucking.

Also includes: a mature and graying, neat and mustached man watching Mike beat off, Mike and Phil Simmons going at it on a red Mustang, a flashback of baby-sitters having sex, a 3-way in an abandoned building among Mike, Ray Benston and Robert Woods, and Mike humping another in a hotel room.


White Trash 1977

This Toby Ross video groups skinny, boyish punks who like to have sex with each other: street hustlers and thieves whose minds are mostly occupied with getting their rocks off. Gerald Vincent sucks another guy’s dick whle sitting in the bathtub; a soloist in bed; two blonds going at it. Wren Carmichael and Kevin McDonald meet one another in a movie theater, fuck in the men’s room, and then travel home for more! A classic of all-male beauty.


Golden Years, 1977

Scott paints his body and dances on a table naked for his beer drinking buddies. They kiss and play with their equipment until cumming all over one another. They jack off together as friends and make love as so much more! Another segment features two shaggy youth, one with a nice lithe body, engaging in a quick fuck. Scott performs a solo, laughing at the camera and climaxing. Another duo features two men meeting on the street and then going home to fuck. They suck dick, get naked, pet, rim asshole, and plow butthole.
The film ends with a man at home by his fireplace conjuring up a friend in a silver visor. They have sex on a spiral staircase, later 69ing on a shag rug and fucking. Their sex ends with large orgasms and playing with the jism together.