Boys of the slums

Boys of the Slums, 1974

This classic offers a collection of sexy squatters who get it on in an abandoned building. Boyishness, baby-faced men and youthful, eager plowing are highlighted. A three-way of hippy-types includes a redhead, double-sucking, an uncut dick, daisy-chain cock-mouthing, dirty talk, a glory hole and cum eating!
Two uncut men rim assholes and then fuck butt. Outdoors on a patio, two hippies 69 penises and mutually jackoff. There is an emphasis on hippie types, foreskinned cock, sex on a stairway, and redheads.
Close camerawork puts the viewer close to the action and you can almost smell the sweat and grime on these free-for- all guys when they get it on! Some segments have live sound; others feature music only.

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