Electric Youth Massage 2

This DVD includes Electric Youth Massage 1 .

Here is a review from Amazon that sums it all up.
WOW!!!!!! Gene Shallots wrote on 03/13/2004: This DVD is probably the FINEST erotica ever produced in the USA. It is not like the Prowler or Bel-Ami erotica, but it is the best domestic DVD for this genre (soft-core). The levels of anticipation the viewer is drawn into are mesmerizing. There is NOTHING left to the imagination as far as the nudity (oh, SOOO hard). The “incidental” contact throughout each scene serves to build the level of eroticism to the highest I have ever seen captured. You will find yourself wondering, “Why did they cut that? Why can’t we see a little bit more of the naughtiness?” This merely adds to the eroticism though, as the point is for you to use your imagination. If a DVD could be worn out, I was well on my way to wearing this one out. (Twink/Kink scene, and Young Professional were my favorites, but there is not a single dud scene in the film) –tlavideo_users reviewcombo

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