Live for Sex Die for Love

We get to see the nefarious aspects of human sexual psychological reponse. Rocco, a retired pornographer, runs a sex club which acts as a second home to married men, closet-cases, male hustlers, and the lonely johns who cruise them. His right hand man, a washed up former porn star named Vincent, manages Rocco’s stable of hustlers and glory hole palaces while straining to put direction into his own broken life.

Meanwhile, two of Rocco’s hustlers become each other’s “Tenderloin-Brothers,” looking for a way out of this sewer but finding that there aren’t any easy ways out as they try to understand their own feelings toward one another.

Take a journey into the forbidden world of the married men, closet cases, teenage cruisers, and all the other people who make life worth leaving. A journey on a train that will take you to the end of the line where no one’s getting off.

Directors Ross and Rubin draw heavily from the imagery of ’70s exploitation films, underground ’80s porn, and surreal video art to create a haunting milieu depicting the desperate lives of sexual outlaws trying to hold it all together in a hellhole not meant for the timid.

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