Bowser Makes A Movie

Bowser Makes a Movie

Bowser is a young man who simply cannot hold down a job; he’s fired from every one he starts. Following the loss of yet one more job Bowser announces his plan to make his own adult film much to the chagrin of his Father (a retired Military Special Forces Officer) and his loving & supportive Mother.After Bowser’s Father proudly proclaims that the family home is totally paid off pandemonium ensues as Bowser disguises himself as his Father and re-mortgages the house in order to finance his film. Cash in hand Bowser first loses the money to a nun riding on the famed Chicago “L” train and after his buddy borrows more money from a dangerous mob “loan shark” trouble quickly ensues. The loan shark pursues Bowser’s family who still has no idea that Bowser has mortgaged their home. With his hands now full Bowser wonders if his “cinematic” dream will ever come true.System Requirements:Runtime: 90 Minutes

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