Young Directors 2: Generation Sex

“In Young Directors 2: Generation Sex, Travis Jacobs and Chucky Joy realize they need to raise money to go and see a rock concert. Chucky devises a plan to shoot themselves with a self timer in erotic poses and sell the photos. After a few poses, they lose control and start messing around, ending with Chucky plowing Travis.
Next, Zachary Aiden and Heyden Fuller just got out of the service and wish to become young directors with Brent Collins as their mentor. This develops into a hot oral scene between Zachary and Heyden with Brent just too happy to assist.

Then, Travis teaches his young apprentice Dober Woods the ropes of becoming a young director. The super hot scene ends with Dober fucking Travis. Next, Bryn Mawr wants to watch hot movies to learn how to become a young director. He and Javier Miran watch together, then Bryn ends up fucking Javier.

Then, Dober returns after graduating and is now an instructor who gets the tables turned on him, this time when his student John Bird fucks him. Finally, Jordan River and Joseph Woods team up in a scorcher of a scene: Joseph ends up getting it up the ass by Jordan for a spectacular finale!”

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